14 AWG Anodized Aluminum Mixes with Metric ID

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Sku: AAMX14


Anodized Aluminum Mixes - 14 Gauge - Metric

These mixes are designed to be a mix and to give you a variety of color to work with or to create a unique piece of "jump ring stew”. Occasionally we will throw a few limited quantity colors into a mix to enhance the mix. They are a surprise treat and not to be expected every time or to be found with our regular rings. If you need a set amount of each color we suggest you purchase the individual colors instead of a mix.

AWG Wire Measurements:

20awg = .035" or .9mm (Aluminum) .032" or .82mm (Other metals)

18awg = .040" or 1.0mm

16awg = 3/64" or 1.2mm

14awg = 1/16" or 1.6mm

12awg = .079" or 2.0mm




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