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Aromatherapy Lockets

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These beautiful stainless steel 30mm round lockets feature fun laser-cut designs. Each locket can hold a felt insert that may be charged with any fragrance or aromatic oil. A smooth hinge and two magnets ensure the locket opens easily and closes securely. The laser-cut design allows the color of the felt insert to peek through, creating an eye-catching—and interchangeable—look. Locket comes with one each - Black, Pink, Blue and Purple Felt Insert. If desired, you may charge the felt insert with a drop or two of perfume or essential oil (perfume or essential oil not included) providing subtle aromatherapy throughout the day. 

Insert pads may be refreshed with scent as needed and may be changed out as often as the you like. When not in use, insert pads should be stored individually in small plastic zip-close bags between uses to preserve the potency of the aroma.

Please Note:• To protect the finish of the locket, use only a drop or two of fragrance (do not allow the insert pad to become saturated) and avoid mixing fragrances on individual inserts. Remove the insert from the locket when not being worn. To remove fragrance that has gotten onto the locket and become sticky, clean it with a simple paste of baking soda and warm water.

Locket is made of 100% surgical grade (316L) stainless steel and is anti-allergenic. It has strong locking magnets and a solid locket back.

Additional insert Pads are also available separately. 

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