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Bronze is a close in color to copper but a little less red. It is an alloy of copper and tin. It will tarnish and turn the color of a bronze sculpture or an old penny. It is a stronger metal than copper.

Bronze is very durable and has a nice weight to it. Bronze is not recommended for beginners because it is a hard metal and can be challenging to work with. But it is well worth the effort if you like the look of aged copper or of bronze sculptures.

Because Bronze contains copper, it develops a patina quickly and people who have a skin reaction to copper will likely to also react to bronze.

To clean, use any commercial jewelry cleaner that says it is safe for brass or copper – like Brasso.

AWG Wire Measurements
Size Inches (Imperial) Millimeter (Metric)
20awg (Aluminum) .035" .9mm
20awg (Other Metals) .032" .8mm
18awg .040" 1.0mm
16awg 3/64" 1.2mm
14awg 1/16" 1.6mm
12awg .079" 2.0mm
If you are used to SWG (Standard Wire Gauge) sizing that some other vendors use.
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