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Introducing chainmaille bundles! We want to get all kinds of crafters looped into chainmaille! Bundles are an easy, fun, and cost effective way to be introduced to chainmaille. We know starting a new craft can be intimidating. Many chainmaillers come from different craft backgrounds. Whether you're coming from a lifetime of bead work, metal smithing, knitting, scrapbooking or even no craft at all, our bundles can get you weaving in no time! 

Starting your chainmaille journey doesn't have to be daunting. Our pliers and chainmaille kits give you everything in a bundle to map out the beginning of your long and winding chainmaille road! Plus you save money! What crafter doesn't love a bargain!?

What you'll get:

1. Choose a Shaggy Loops kit! This introductory kit is wonderful for starting out. Come from a beading background? Look there's beads in this kit! You aren't totally uprooting yourself with this kit. No beading experience? No problem! Even kids can help add beads to these rings as you weave. Each kit includes paper instructions with color pictures for each step. ($24.99 value!)

2. Choose a Byzantine kit! Byzantine has been one of our best sellers and in general is probably one of the most popular chainmaille weaves around. Once you master Byzantine you'll be able to take on countless other chainmaille designs. Byzantine is a staple in the chainmaille community. With our kit you'll be a pro in no time! Each kit includes paper instructions with color pictures for each step. ($19.99 value!)

3. Choose your pliers! Our Chainmaille Armory includes 1 set of pliers. You'll hold one in each hand to open and close jump rings. Chain nose pliers have a pointy tip, they're great for smaller rings like those used in the Byzantine kit. Flat nose pliers are great for getting a better grip on slightly larger rings. Eventually you'll probably want both chain and flat nose pliers!($26.99 value!)

Why try a bundle?

This bundle is wonderful for beginners. There are many patterns, countless jump ring sizes and metal combinations to choose from - these kits include the right amount of rings in the sizes you need to complete a bracelet. These bundles map out your chainmaille journey! You'll try two of our most popular metals, Enameled Copper is used in our Shaggy loops kit, and Anodized Aluminum is used in Byzantine. You'll get a feel for how the two different metals work and probably choose a favorite. In the end you'll have two awesome bracelets all of your friends will be impressed with! Once you complete these projects we're betting you won't leave your pliers idle for long.

Save 30% when you purchase a bundle that includes a Weave Got Maille Armory with two of our best selling WGM Kits.

Choose either chain nose or flat nose WGM pliers ($26.99 value) + 1 Shaggy Loops Bracelet kit ($24.99 value) + 1 Byzantine kit ($19.99 value). Save $21.59!

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  • Sandra

    Kit review

    Dec 24th 2018

    I love the pliers, not sure of the kits because I bought them to donate to, go to a budding jewelry maker, I have the great problem of too many beads ect. So every at least once a year, I clear out my stash, and extra tools Andy there is a local frozen yogurt place by me, that collects,gently used books and things for young people