We offer a selection of chain by the foot on our website. Many of these chains can be used as safety chains for added security to your piece. Choose the style that best suits your favorite chainmaille pendant for a fast necklace. Feeling creative? Add a little extra chain into your project for additional depth and contrast. Sometimes weaving an entire chain is just too much work, or you might just need to extend a piece an inch or two in the back of a necklace, that's why we're happy to offer this pre-made chain in the length you need. All chain is sold in a continuous length. Order 5 feet, and you will get a chain that is 5 feet long. Chains do not include clasps, so be sure to grab one or two in our findings section. Need to cut your chain to specific lengths? We have cutters on our Tool Page that will do the trick. 

We have the following finishes available:

Silver Finish: This finish has the look of fine silver. It is an electroplated process where silver is applied at a thickness of approximately 40 mils (millionths of an inch) Core is stainless steel.

Gold finish: This finish resembles 18k colored gold, or "Hamilton" gold. Gold colored finish is applied at a thickness that ranges between 1-3 mils (millionths of an inch). Core is stainless steel.

Gunmetal: Sometimes referred to as black nickel or hematite, is an electroplated finish. It has a shiny blackish-blue appearance and is extremely durable. Core is stainless steel.

Stainless Steel, Vibed: Vibing or “tubbing” as it is also known is a pre-plate process where the chain is burnished in a mass media finishing machine to help polish the chain to a shiny finish.


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