Color Sampler Muse Packet


Color! We love color! Color inspires emotion. Color can make us feel happy and confident. Color can be passionate, glamorous, mysterious, peaceful, warm, and noble. Color can express our moods, uplift us, empower us, and center us. Color nurtures our creative spirit and can touch our souls.

And boy do Weave Got Color for you and your customers! We offer a wide away of colors in both Anodized Aluminum and Enameled Copper metals. Colors to excite and inspire your Muse.

Our Color Sampler Muse Packets consist of 2 packages.

One package contains individual bags of 3 - 5 jump rings for each color of anodized aluminum we currently offer. Anodized aluminum jump rings are available in all gauges .

The second package contains individual bags of 3 – 5 jump rings for each color of enameled copper we currently carry. Some enameled copper colors are not available in every gauge. The color name and available gauges are listed on each bag.

With these samples, you can create color palettes, design your next project, or our favorite use is to carry them with you so your customers can select their own colors for custom pieces. In whatever you are creating let Weave Got Maille’s Color Sampler Muse Packs fuel your creativity.

Please note that the gauge and ID of the sample bags will vary from color to color. Remember that colors do change over time and sometimes even slightly from batch to batch.

*** Color Sampler Muse Packets are not returnable ***