Colored Jump Ring Sampler

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Colored Jump Ring Sampler 

Curious to see our colored jump rings in person before committing? There's nothing quite like seeing jump rings face to face rather than on a computer screen. In these packs you can expect 4-6 rings in each color that we offer per metal - Anodized Aluminum and Enameled Copper samplers are sold separately. The ring sizes will be random. The purpose of these rings is not for them to be used, but to showcase our bright and shiny Anodized Aluminum or Enameled Copper jump rings.  Like all colored jump rings, colors can vary from batch to batch, so your color samples may not match exactly to the jump rings you order. 

The above images are only for reference, your rings will come in separate baggies labeled with their color. 

Choose from either Anodized Aluminum or Enameled Copper samplers.

Anodized Aluminum colors are available in all of our available wire gauges.  (20g, 18g, 16g & 14g - American wire gauge)  

Enameled Copper colors are NOT available in all of our wire gauges. Check out Enameled Copper pages to what colors are available in each gauge.



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  • Steve Howell


    Apr 12th 2018

    I ordered 2 sampler packages with the plan being to have 6-8 rings of each color to show to prospective clients. I use chain to make jewelry such as circlets, bracelets, and necklaces as gifts for friends in the SCA. I got almost exactly what I expected. The only small "problem" was a couple colors came in one set that did not come in the other. One instance was the Maui and Tiffany blues which were close enough to be irrelevant, I also receive plum (deep rich purple) in one and mauve (bordering on violet) in the other. Overall an exceptional value for the mere $5 price point. As my samples get lost in the future I am extremely likely to order this item again.

  • Unknown

    Great colors

    Nov 1st 2017

    Great colors, need to see them up close to get an idea of the true color.

  • Jenna Ponte


    Jul 24th 2017

    I ordered the aluminum sampler and am very happy I did it. You get several of each color, and there are a lot of colors! They're all very bright and beautiful and I have a wish list going!

  • Grey

    Perfect Product for designing a new project

    Apr 25th 2017

    I frequently get asked to design pieces to match an existing item. While this is super easy to do with aluminum, copper, brass and bronze. It is not as easy to do it with colors and anodized aluminum.
    Having all the colors together in one place, made it a snap to know what to order for my latest project.

    The only way to make this better would be to up the price and include one or two rings for each gauge and ring size for each color.
    Or offer a a separate sampler pack based on gauge and ring sizes so you could really see the variety available.

  • Kurt Rein

    Don't Rely on your computer screen

    Nov 16th 2016

    Just got the Anodized Aluminum sampler pack and was amazed at the difference between the computer screen colors and the real colors. Having the real colors in hand helps to match colors for my next projects. For instance, I had ordered Marsala and was surprised at how it leaned toward the red spectrum instead of brown as on my screen. This is a GREAT reference piece. Highly recommend. BTW... Marsala and Pumpkin make a great color combo.