HyperLynks Crystal Helix Bracelet Kit

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HyperLynks - Crystal Helix Bracelet Kit

Kit Level: Expert

Kit Contents: Bright Aluminum, 18swg Square Wire Silver Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel Toggle Bar, Aqua Crystal Rondelles

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  • Mary

    Loved this!

    Jun 30th 2021

    Easy to follow instructions, extra pieces included, stunning and beautiful bracelet once completed

  • Cindy Lewis

    Love It

    May 11th 2021

    I love the finished product. It have become one of my go to bracelets now.

  • Laura


    Dec 15th 2019

    This was only my second project and it didn't take too long to complete and was so much fun! The instructions are so simple to follow that I think anyone could make this.

  • Amy

    Very nice

    May 20th 2019

    This definitely met my expectations. It was a little more intricate, but if you're looking for a time killer and not something to knock out in a half hour it's definitely worth it. I will say the gems are a little darker in person, almost navy. They may be lighter under a brighter light. I was a little worried about size since I have a larger wrist. I thought I'd have to add some links but it actually fits pretty well.

  • Jayne

    It's so stiff!

    Jul 13th 2017

    The weave is really stiff. You have to force it to make a curve. My wrist is 6.5 and I can hardly make it curve to fit. I love using sparkles in chainmaille but this one is a dud. Sorry I got fooled by the sparkles☹️.