HyperLynks - Industrial Lattice Bracelet Kit

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Industrial Lattice Bracelet Kit

Kit Level: Advanced - previous chainmaille experience required.

Kit Contents: Premium saw-cut bright aluminum jump rings, stainless steel 'buttons', slide clasp.

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  • Virgil

    Industrial Lattice Bracelet

    Nov 17th 2019

    The finished product looks cool, I guess, but it was really boring to make. It was labelled as "advanced" so I was expecting something challenging that I couldn't just finish in an hour while watching youtube... except that's what I got.

  • Jamie

    Industrial Lattice

    Jul 13th 2017

    I love this bracelet. It was pretty easy to do and the instructions were very easy to follow. I lost this bracelet the second time I wore it (I believe I didn't make sure the clasp was secure) and bought another kit during the 4th of July sale to remake it.