Limited Edition 16g 8.5mm Anodized Aluminum Mix - Of Corset

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Sku: TTAA1685-OfCorset


Of Corset is a mix of a variety of deep reds. It has an actual aspect ratio of 7.1.  Which will work for a mobius ball or try the Moorish Rose pattern with these rings.

Here's a trick for anyone thinking of starting to do craft shows. Make a bunch of assorted mobius flowers and hang them on a pretty ribbon for a necklace. Do a little display of them off to one side priced at around $4.99. This will give all of the young girls something pretty to buy with their allowance or babysitting money. And it will keep kids busy so Mom can shop your booth longer. I have also often had Grandparents buy a dozen of more of these as gifts for Grandkids.

Don't know how to make a Mobius Flower? Here is a link to a free tutorial. Enjoy!

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