Lindstrom Egronomic Round Nose Pliers

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Round nose Rx7590 pliers taper gently towards the tips and provide the capability to form a wide range of loop and bend sizes.

Swedish pliers known the world over for their superior quality. The Rx series feature high quality, extremely precise pliers. The have a screw joint that minimizes friction and maximizes alignment of jaws. These pliers also feature ergonomic handles and a patented spring construction. The “Bio-Spring” provides greater resistance the more it is compressed, making work easier and safer. The Bio-Spring also has three different “settings” to suit your preference. Truly remarkable pliers.

Lindstrom Rx series represent the very best in cutters and pliers. They exemplify
state-of-the-art hand tool design, function and performance.
•Exclusive Micro-Touch™ handles makes possible complete hand control
for precision work.
•Exclusive BioSpring®reduces spring tension during work which lessons
fatigue and makes work easier and safer. Tension and opening width can be
adjusted to suit by moving the end of the spring to the desired opening in the
•Slightly rounded and wider profile of the Rx handle allows for even surface
distribution and superior hand contact.
Recognized by jewelers and craftsmen worldwide, Lindstrom Pliers and Cutters
are unsurpassed in quality materials, design and performance. EURO TOOL, Inc. is
proud to be the North American distributor of Lindstrom Tools for the jewelry arts

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