Stainless Steel Jump Rings 14 gauge ( AWG - Metric )

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Stainless steel rings are very strong and can give a piece some nice weight, shine and durability. Stainless steel is a very versatile high quality metal. It does not rust and outperforms gold and silver. Our rings are tumbled to a beautiful shiny finish. Alloy 304. As of May 2017 all stainless steel wire has been annealed to create rings that are easier to work with. While they are easier to bend, stainless steel jump rings are still our toughest (strongest) rings to work with.

Our jump rings follow the American Wire Gauge (AWG), also known as Brown and Sharpe (B&S). All sizes listed are inside diameter (I.D.), measured in millimeters which corresponds to the size of the mandrel onto which the wire is wound. Use these I.D.'s as a guide not an absolute as springback can occur.

Occasionally you might get a misshapen ring or an end cut half ring. To account for this, we put extra rings in every bag. If you need to know outside diameter or need the ID in inches, please contact us.


AWG Wire Measurements
Size Inches (Imperial) Millimeter (Metric)
20awg (Aluminum) .035" .9mm
20awg (Other Metals) .032" .8mm
18awg .040" 1.0mm
16awg 3/64" 1.2mm
14awg 1/16" 1.6mm
12awg .079" 2.0mm
If you are used to SWG (Standard Wire Gauge) sizing that some other vendors use.
Please contact us for help before choosing your ring gauge.





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  • joe

    bracelet repair

    Feb 8th 2017

    bought the Wife a bracelet for birthday gift, within the hour the 20g links that connect the larger oval links broke. Order and recieved this 14g rings within a couple days and was able to redo the braclet and must say it made it look a lot better


  • Coppersun


    Jan 16th 2017

    I received my jump rings in a timely fashion and was very pleased by their strength and was pleasantly surprised that one of them was slightly opened, so I closed it upon my little baby finger nail and was immediately transformed into a complete energized power- filled spirit being. Now I am confident that I may rule Middle Earth with wisdom and strength with my new friends, and may someday be Lord Of The Rings