Swarovski 6925 Growing Crystal Rectangle 26mm Pendant

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The Swarovski 6925 Growing Crystal Rectangle Pendant, envisioned by couturier Iris Van Herpen, features up to 500 hand-embedded cones to maximize light refraction. Resembling the cross section of a druse crystal in both brilliance and complexity. It is like a living crystal where the structure seems to grow inward to fill the cavity at the pendant's core.

Sold individually.

Crystal AB - Aurora Borealis (AB) adds a gorgeous pastel rainbow sheen to the sparkle of Swarovski's premium-cut facets. This iridescent coating is named after the beautiful Northern Lights that decorate the arctic skies. You will find these crystals to be similarly stunning! 

This iridescent AB coating can be difficult to perfectly capture in crystal photos and illustrations. Some images may capture the blue flash, others may capture a yellow or pink flash, but all of these sparkling crystal aB components perfectly match each other in real life. Plus, their subtle iridescence blends nearly effortlessly with most other colors! You will love the AB Crystals.

Crystal Silver Night - Silver Night Swarovski crystals give you a sophisticated tone of silver that sparkles beautifully. The effect adds a deep silver gray color to clear crystal. 

Crystal - Clear Swarovski Crystal sparkles like a diamond and is a perfect substitution for diamonds in April birthstone jewelry. The clear, glittering refraction of these premium crystals gives amazing design elements in your creations.

Jet - Jet Black crystals by Swarovski bring light to the dark. Darkness never gleamed as brightly as it does with these stunning opaque black crystal jewelry components. They are as if the night's sky was captured and crystallized, only to be given the ability to sparkle just for you. These Jet Black crystals will add that dark dazzle in your projects.

Crystal Bermuda Blue - Swarovski's Crystal Bermuda Blue is a foil coating on the back of a crystal, that provides a sparkling, glittering multicolored variety of blues, including flashes of teal, sapphire and indigo in a rich base of cobalt blue. It will quickly become one of your favorites.

Crystal Vitrail Light - Vitrail Light crystals by Swarovski offer a gentle, sparkling multi-color refraction with a predominance of light purple and pink hues, and flashes of silvery light blue. This multicolored effect can be hard to properly capture in photographs and illustrations but in person, it's beautiful and will WOW all who see it.

Crystal Golden Shadow - Golden Shadow Swarovski crystals give you a sophisticated mellow tone of gold that sparkles beautifully without overwhelming the other design elements. Swarovski's warm golden shadow hue adds a sense of optimism and light to jewelry, as it wonderfully complements a wide range of other colors. 


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