14 AWG Stainless Steel Jump Rings - 1 Ounce

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Sku: ST14


14g Stainless Steel (1.6mm Wire Diameter)
Inside Diameter Aspect Ratio  Rings Per Ounce 
4.75mm 3/16"   90
5mm     87
5.5mm 7/32"   80
6mm 15/64"   75
  1/4"   72
6.5mm     70
7mm     66
  9/32"   66
8mm 5/16"   60
9.5mm 3/8"   50
10mm     47
  7/16"   40
  1/2"   35

 If you are used to SWG (Standard Wire Gauge) sizing that some vendors use,
Please visit our FAQ page for help before choosing your ring gauge.

Stainless steel rings are very strong and can give a piece some nice weight, shine and durability. Stainless steel is a very versatile high quality metal. It does not rust and outperforms gold and silver. Our rings are tumbled to a beautiful shiny finish. Alloy 304. Stainless steel jump rings are our strongest rings to work with.

Our jump rings follow the American Wire Gauge (AWG), also known as Brown and Sharpe (B&S). All sizes listed are inside diameter (I.D.) which corresponds to the size of the mandrel onto which the wire is wound. Use these I.D.'s as a guide not an absolute, as springback can occur.

Occasionally you might get a misshapen ring or an end cut half ring. To account for this, we put extra rings in every bag. 


14 Reviews Write a review

  • Alex H

    Bright, shiny, and awesome

    Mar 24th 2022

    Order three oz. Of the 14g stainless with .25 ID they shipped very quickly and arrived about 5 days after a Friday order. Approximately 70 rings to the oz at this size, all of them were clean with a. Right shine. There was almost no burr from the sawing process and when snuggled up the seam was nearly seamless. Would recommend for anyone wanting to work in SS for bracelets or neckless. Worked great with both Byzantine and Persian weaves.

  • Cb

    14AWG loop ring

    Feb 2nd 2022

    Very strong ring just what I needed

  • Nicole

    14 gauge Stainless Steel 1oz

    Nov 15th 2021

    I was curious how far this 1oz would go. It will make about a business card size as 4-in-1.

  • Carrie Halbert

    14 Gauge stainless steel jump rings

    Aug 10th 2021

    These jump rings are the highest quality you can buy. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the cut and the finish and shipping was fast. I will definitely order more.

  • Gabriel Perez


    Aug 3rd 2021

    They are great for chains and bracelets also very strong I am a returning never leaving customer

  • Al L.

    Stainless Steel 14g 1/4"

    Jul 3rd 2021

    Amazing rings!!! Perfectly cut! Fast shipping! Mamma Mia!!! Super happy with everything, just ordered some more!!

  • Alyssa Rorke

    14g rings

    Mar 24th 2021

    great size for what i needed them for. i appreciate the variety in sizes.

  • Brin Cobia

    14 awg stainless steel jump rings

    Dec 23rd 2020

    Best quality rings found anywhere, cleanest cuts.

  • Shane


    Nov 10th 2020

    I have ordered multiple times and the rings are always consistent in size, quality, and cut.