Meet the Designers

Weave Got Maille is proud to present our Designers & Guest Designers for some of our most popular products! Learn more about the chainmaille designers that are making an impact in the chainmaille industry by loving what they do. Want to be a guest designer or want to become a chainmaille designer? Go to our Become a Guest Designer page to learn more on how to get started with Weave Got Maille! We look forward to hearing from you.

The Designers:

  • Dylon Whyte
  • Genny Smith
  • Lauren Andersen
  • Tanya Hlabse
  • Theresa Abelew



The designer behind our Sweetpea Bracelet Kits, and the author of the book, "The Art of Chainmail".

Dylon has been influenced by creative environments since before he knew who he was, much like his father Jack Whyte. His childhood was filled with colors, smells, textures & the experiences of being raised by a fine artist. For him, this meant discovering innovation of art and applying it to his own life.

Captivated by chainmail in his teenage years, Dylon found a new outlet for his inventive mind. His adventure into entrepreneurialism included an interest in computers, combined with his passion for chainmail. This led him to the creation of The Art of Chainmail; an illustrated book on how to create European weaved patterns of armour. He was later contracted by Lark Books & Sterling Publishing to product instructional books on the topic of chainmail jewelry.

Dylon eventually found interest in other mediums and through a series of experimental projects discovered an opportunity to work with the artist he grew up with, his father. He has since produced a number of books, magazines and other literature pertaining to his father’s artwork and the history of Manitoulin Island (Ontario, Canada). Dylon continues to pursue independent publishing and has recently released his latest project, “Scrapbook: a story of art”, which he co-produced with his father.

For more info and designs by Dylon Whyte, you can visit his website.





The designer behind our Flares Bracelet Kits.

For the past 10 years, Genny has been making all aspects of jewelry, specifically chainmaille. She has taught at different venues in Florida, North Carolina, New York & California. She is currently teaching in Fort Pierce, Florida at the St. Lucie County Rock & Gem Club. Occasionally teaching in Winter Park, Florida at FDJ Tools, as well. For those unable to attend any of her classes, she also offers private classes.

To try her Flares design for yourself, we no longer sell kits, but the tutorial is still available on our website. Be sure to share you completed piece with us on our social media sites and let our designers know what you think!

For more designs by Genny Smith, visit her website.





The designer behind our Spine of the Centipede Bracelet Kits, author of Basic & Advanced Chain Maille, The Absolute Beginners Guide to Chain Maille Jewelry and One Jump Ring: Endless Possibilities for Chain Mail Jewelry.

Lauren Andersen is affectionately known throughout the craft world as The ChainMaille Lady for her exquisite jewelry designs, chainmaille products & expert techniques. Her high quality tools and tips make it easy for everyone to enjoy the resurgence of this ancient art.

As an acclaimed Chainmaille Designer, Instructor, Product Developer, Author, Media Contributor and International Spokesperson, Lauren enjoys sharing her passion for the technique, beauty and symmetry of chainmaille. She has been a frequent guest on television shows including Beads, Baubles & Jewels, the Jewelry Televsision network's Jewel School. Her designs have been published in the popular industry magazing Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry, including being feature on the front-page. Her unique designs are inspired by geometric shapes, patterns and angles, as well as innovative techniques.

As an international spokesperson with the Beadalon® Design Team, she travels around the country demonstrating chainmaille methods and presenting her product line, including The ChainMaille Lady

Snub Nose Pliers and The ChainMaille Lady Travel Kit.

The ChainMaille Lady lives in the San Gabriel Valley of sunny Southern California with her husband and ally Shan, who has earned the title Mr. Chain. Everyday her precious Chihuahua Miss Gizmo and her Multipoo Miss Zipper sit in her lap as she expertly weaves chainmaille tiny jump ring at a time.





The designer behind our Swirls Bracelet Kits.

Tanya has always taken an interest in many different types of crafts, but chainmaille has become much more than just an interest to her, it's an obsession. If it weren't for the interference of that pesky thing called a job, chainmailling from the time she wakes up to the time she falls asleep would likely be her norm. The need to develop new designs and see them come to life in her own hands is what continues to drive and inspire her. Her best work is yet to come!





The designer behind our Ombre Color Wheel Necklace Kits, and the author of the book Play with Chain Mail & Jewelry Making with Resin.

Theresa was raised in a small Wisconsin town. Influenced by her mother's freeform approach to exploring new hobbies and her father's logical "measure-twice-cut-once" mechanical inclinations. Its no wonder Theresa has followed her creative endeavors - no matter where they might lead her. She has an eclectic combination of backgrounds ranging from Apiarist Assistant, Graphic Designer, Animal Control Officer, Firefighter/EMT, Martial Arts Instructor, to an Assistant Editor for Art Jewelry Magazine. She is also the published author of a number of jewelry how-to articles and two books, "Play with Chain Mail" and "Absolute Beginners Guide: Jewelry Making with Resin."

With an audio book blasting away, she can be found working on various projects ranging from jewelry making, chain mail, metalsmithing/powder coating, or resin. When she does get out of the studio, she is either playing with her children, working on yet another home remodeling project, or performing with her fire troupe the Brewcity Fire Brigade. She lives in Milwaukee with her husband, their two children, and a small menagerie of rescued animals.

For more information and designs by Theresa Abelew, visit her website.