A Tanya Hlabse original design

Swirls is an intermediate level design by Tanya Hlabse. In her design you'll learn to create a mobius unit and attach it to a larger ring to form the Swirls units. This weave uses 5 different ring sizes and 4 different gauges. This design really gives you a feel for many of the different ranges of sizes of jump rings available on our website. 

All Swirls kits come with step by step full color instructions and enough materials to create an 8" bracelet. We cannot give out ring sizes for this specific design. Please see our tutorial available here.

All rings sizes listed in our tutorials are AWG and Inner Diameter measurements.

**Please note this design has only worked in Bright Aluminum with Anodized Aluminum, it does NOT work in enameled copper, stainless steel, or NuGold.**

*Kits do not come assembled. Kits come with all materials and instructions for creating the kit. You will need 2 pliers to make the project. Skill levels are listed.