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Frequently Asked Questions

Chainmaille can be incredibly intimidating - especially to a beginner. There are a lot of numbers, math equations, and plenty of vocabulary words to learn. One could probably --no, definitely teach a course on the topic! Our FAQ is here to answer your most common questions, from newbie to novice, we've got some great info below that we hope will make you more confident in your chainmaille excursions. We promise we won't test you and if there's something not answered below - please feel free to contact us on chat or give us a call. We will continue to add to the FAQ over time.

Q. What is Imperial? 

A. Imperial refers to jumprings measurements in inch increments - 3/32", 1/8", 5/32" and so on.

Q. What is Metric

A. Metric refers to our jumpring measurements in millimeter increments. 2.75mm, 3.0mm, 3.25mm, 3.5mm and so on.

Q. What is the difference between Imperial and Metric?

A. There is no direct translation from imperial to metric. You can use google to translate millimeters to inches if you line everything up side by side on a chart you'll see that 1/8" is not 3mm. 5/32" is not 4mm.

Q. What is the difference between AWG and SWG?

A. American wire gauge, AWG - "American wire gauge (AWG), also known as the Brown & Sharpe wire gauge, is a standardized wire gauge system used since 1857 predominantly in North America for the diameters of round, solid, nonferrous, electrically conducting wire." You can read more about it here: American Wire Gauge - this will open in a new window away from our site. SWG stands for Standard Wire Gauge and is less commonly used in North American wire measurements. Many chainmaille jump ring suppliers still use SWG measurements for their rings, especially if they are not located in the United States! PLEASE NOTE: ALL WEAVE GOT MAILLE jump rings use AWG measurements. Since other suppliers may not use AWG measurements, it is very important to know to check before planning on ordering rings from us that you'd like to match from another vendor. It is also important to check what tutorial or instructions you are using are adhering to. AWG 16 gauge is not the same as SWG 16 gauge and you will land up with a much skinnier ring if you were expecting an SWG measurement from us! See the corresponding color coded sizes below to compare:

Q. What is Aspect Ratio?

A. Aspect Ratio is the measurement of a ring as follows: MM ID / Wire Gauge. That's millimeter inner diameter divided by wire gauge. All Weave Got Maille Jump Rings are listed by their inner diameter. A 16g 5mm WGM ring has an Aspect ratio of 5mm/1.2g = 4.1AR. So who cares about Aspect Ratio? We do! and so do most maillers, finding the proper aspect ratio can let you know whether or not a specific ring size will for for a project. You can look at our suggested weave size charts, or you can calculate AR yourself to match the AR of the rings we've listed - NOTE: This equation does not account for real world differences such as manufacturing variations, material "spring back", or Murphy's Law.  This equationis a guideline at best.  Always verify final AR with us first, or manually with a caliper.

Q. How many rings are in an oz or troy oz (ozt)?

A. We have charts with our rings per oz and rings per troy oz (ozt) listed here. If there is a size you are purchasing that isn't on the list, such as a custom size, feel free to contact us and we will weigh them out for you.

Q. What ring size should I use?

A. - We have charts that list of recommended millimeter rings sizes for many weaves listed here. The rings sizes we list are not the only sizes that can be used for each weave. These are our preferred sizes and have been tested, and therefore we can verify that they will work. If you want a weave in a larger size you can check the maille artisans website to see what they recommend. 

Q. Do you have free tutorials? 

A. We currently have one free tutorial. All of our other tutorials are $5. Many hours both creative as well as laborious go into creating our tutorials. We need to compensate our designers, and the creator of the tutorial. Each sale go towards these hours.

Q. Can I request different colors in a kit?

A. We do not swap out colors in kits. We do list what sizes are used in most of our tutorials and invite you to purchase individual ring packs to create your own kit colorway.

Q. Can I make my own mix of colors?

A. Yes! You can purchase smaller pack sizes and them mix all your rings together. We use equal parts of each color within a mix.

Q. Do you make other sizes other than what you have listed?

A. We list our most common sizes up to our largest mandrel. If you need a custom size please contact us and we will see if we can make it for you. There will be an additional charge for custom rings. Custom made rings are non-refundable.

Q. What is Springback? Springback occurs when wire is wound around a mandrel and then the coil relaxes. Think about winding a twist tie around your finger, often times it won't stick tightly to your finger once you let go of it. This same occurrence happens with certain metal wires when creating jump rings. Aluminum is known to have springback, but the wire that we carry that has the most springback is stainless steel. Larger inner diameter rings (think 6mm+) have more springback than smaller inner diameter rings. The rings at the middle of a coil are going to have less springback than the rings at the ends of a coil. We try to keep the springback at a minimum but it is very hard to control. If you are looking for a true inner diameter, your best bet will be to try our copper or enameled copper rings. If you are concerned about springback in a size you plan to order please contact us. 

Q. Custom Rings Sizes/ Do you make other sizes than what you have listed?

A. We are able to offer custom jump ring sizes for any metal except anodized aluminum. We are working towards adding more sizes in anodized, but this takes time. Please contact us for a quote & order minimums in any other metal we offer at info@weavegotmaille.com.



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