16 AWG Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings - 1 Ounce

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16g Aluminum (1.2mm Wire Diameter)
Inside Diameter Aspect Ratio  Rings Per Ounce 
3.5mm 9/64" 3.05 622
4mm 5/32" 3.51 583
4.25mm   3.80 545
4.5mm   4.03 519
4.75mm 3/16" 4.28 502
5mm   4.53 480
5.5mm 7/32" 4.98 440
6mm 15/64" 5.48 415
6.25mm   5.75 395
  1/4" 5.84 385
6.5mm   5.95 378
6.75mm 17/64" 6.25 363
7mm   6.45 356
  9/32" 6.59 355
7.5mm 19/64" 6.98 354
8mm 5/16" 7.42 312
9.5mm 3/8" 9.06 265
10mm   9.56 248

If you are used to SWG (Standard Wire Gauge) and need help choosing an
AWG (American Wire Gauge) ring size, please visit our FAQ. 

 Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings - Product Description
Our Jump rings are anodized before they are cut so the ends are raw aluminum however with the coating thickness we use and with the thin blades we cut our Jump rings with, if you close the rings properly the seam can not be seen.

Our Anodized Aluminum Jump rings are anodized in house at our sister company, Premier Anodizing & Metal Finishing. This assures that we will never be out of stock of a color and that we have control over our quality.  However, the colors can change from batch to batch. We use a spectrometer to get the closest color matches possible but there still can be some differences, this is normal in the anodizing process. Therefore, you should order enough jump rings to finish your project all at the same time. FDA Approved - The anodizing process we use is FDA approved for cookware. Premier Anodizing uses only organic dyes and is rated non-hazardous.

Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings - Specifications
Our jump rings follow the American Wire Gauge (AWG), also known as Brown and Sharpe (B&S). All sizes listed are inside diameter (I.D.), which corresponds to the size of the mandrel onto which the wire is wound. Use these I.D.'s as a guide not an absolute as springback can occur. The wire used to make our jump rings is of extremely high quality and made using an IOS-Certified production process. However, like all wire, there may be slight tolerances in size. Wire diameter may vary up to 0.03mm (0.0012”) larger or smaller than the listed size.




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  • Amy

    Great color

    Jun 10th 2023

    Color is solid! Currently making a lot of dragonscale & shenanigans with this.

  • Barb

    Anodized aluminum rings

    Dec 15th 2022

    My order arrived quickly, and in good condition. Always happy with your products.

  • James Mossor

    16AWG 4MM Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings

    Oct 20th 2022

    These rings are the best. I have been making Byzantine necklaces and bracelets from rings bought elsewhere and the rings from Weave Got Maille are better coated and the Aspect Ratio is perfect for the weave. Will be purchasing more for other projects.

  • Enma

    favourite AA rings

    May 31st 2022

    some of the best quality aluminum rings I have used. wonderfully sturdy and will not accidentally pull apart. the colours are vivid and pleasing, even the inevitable occasional slightly off-colour batches have been good. i only wish there were more pastel colour options

  • Dian Sirkin

    16 AWG Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings-Onyx

    Dec 8th 2021

    I have bought these before and reordered to make a necklace for a friend. Love working with them and highly recommend.

  • Dian Sirkin

    14 ga Anodized Aluminum Jump rings (Marsala),

    Oct 22nd 2021

    I am a repeat customer and have ordered several different gauges and colors of the anodized aluminum jump rings. I've never been disappointed. Weavegotmaille makes a quality product (very few I've had to toss). I have blindly ordered different colors and have been pleased with every one.

  • Dian Sirkin

    Anodized Alum 16 AWG Candy Apple

    Sep 16th 2021

    I love the color. Haven't yet used them but I have purchased these in different colors and gauges and have been very pleased with the quality and the price. Also, they're easy to work with. I am a repeat customer and plan to keep Weavegotmaille as my goto vendor for aluminum rings, etc.

  • Lisa Ellis

    Anodized Aluminum Rings

    Aug 5th 2021

    I just received my ring order and the rings are beautiful, as always :) Great cuts, with vibrant and consistent color. Fast shipping as well. Highly recommend.

  • Dian Sirkin

    Very pleased

    Jul 9th 2021

    I'm a first time buyer and after my 1st order, this will not by my last. I LOVE the quality of the rings. They are easy to use and colors are amazing. And, the service was so fast! Thank you.