16 AWG Niobium Jump Rings - 1 Ounce

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16g Niobium (1.2mm Wire Diameter)
Inside Diameter Aspect Ratio  Approximate
Rings Per Ounce 
3.5mm 9/64"   140
4mm 5/32"   130
4.25mm     126
4.5mm     122
4.75mm 3/16"   117
5mm     112
5.5mm 7/32"   103
6mm 15/64"   93
  1/4"   91
6.5mm     88
6.75mm 17/64"   86
7mm     84
8mm 5/16"   77
9.5mm 3/8"   62
10mm     60

If you are used to SWG (Standard Wire Gauge) and need help choosing an
AWG (American Wire Gauge) ring size, please visit our FAQ 

Niobium Jump Rings - Color
Niobium is a reactive metal. It receives its color due to anodizing with electricity. Batches of Niobium can be slightly different colors, just like dye lots, so be sure to purchase enough rings at one time to complete your project. 

Since both electricity and light angle effect the color of Niobium, different sizes may not match exactly. Also, different gauges will look slightly different as the thickness of the different gauges reflect the light at different angles.

There can be a variation of color occurring in varying amounts from ring to ring and from batch to batch with Niobium. This color variation is a feature property that adds to the beauty of Niobium.

We anodize the rings after they are cut, so the color completely covers the ring, even the cut end.

Niobium Jump Rings - Cleaning 
Oils from the skin can make your Niobium seem dull.  To clean Niobium, use a window cleaner (such as Windex) to polish.  Rinse and dry your piece completely to bring back the shine. 

Niobium Jump Rings - Specifications
Our jump rings follow the American Wire Gauge (AWG), also known as Brown and Sharpe (B&S). All sizes listed are inside diameter (I.D.), measured in millimeters which corresponds to the size of the mandrel onto which the wire is wound. Use these I.D.'s as a guide not an absolute. The wire used to make our jump rings is of extremely high quality and made using an IOS-Certified production process. However, like all wire, there may be slight tolerances in size. Wire diameter may vary up to 0.03mm (0.0012”) larger or smaller than the listed size.

Occasionally you might get a misshapen ring or an end cut half ring. To account for this, we put extra rings in every bag.

Niobium is not available for returns or exchanges

 **Important Notice: Orders with more than 2 packs of an item may be bulk packaged at WGM's discretion. However, colors and sizes will not be mixed in a bag.

5 Reviews Write a review

  • Paula Macomber

    14g 5/16" Rainbow Niobium

    Aug 10th 2021

    These jump rings are even more beautiful than the photo! They are surprisingly easy to work. I LOVE them! I've giving 4 stars because there are burrs on quite a few of them. Since WGM jump rings don't have burrs, I suspect it may be the coating that interacts with the saw blade.

  • Lee

    16g niobium rainbow

    Nov 20th 2020

    Absolutely beautiful

  • Unknown

    Great color, outstanding quality

    Jun 25th 2017

    The color is consistent, no waste, and the packaging is well labeled - no mistaking these for Anodized Aluminum.

  • Lil Vindaloo

    Great Niobium rings

    Apr 18th 2017

    These are amazing, the colors are very intense. As warned, the rings are quite stiff bu workable. Open easily, some of the rings seem to have a little burr on them, which is why 4 stars instead of 5.

  • David Davis

    Quality material - color is lack luster

    Feb 19th 2017

    This product was good to work with and quality material and cutting, however, based on the image on the website, I wanted to use the khaki rings for a two tone bracelet paired with bright aluminum, and you can barely make out a difference in the color of metals. Not really satisfied with the saturation of color compared to the image on the site.