18 AWG Stainless Steel Jump Rings - 1 Ounce

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18g Stainless Steel (1.0mm Wire Diameter)
Inside Diameter Aspect Ratio  Approximate
Rings Per Ounce 
3mm     316
  1/8"   302
3.5mm 9/64"   290
3.75mm     270
4mm 5/32"   250
4.25mm     240
  11/64"   234
4.5mm     230
4.75mm 3/16"   214
5mm     211
5.5mm 7/32"   188
6mm 15/64"   176
  1/4"   168
6.5mm     160
7mm     152
  9/32"   150
8mm 5/16"   134
10mm     100

 If you are used to SWG (Standard Wire Gauge) and need help choosing an
AWG (American Wire Gauge) ring size, please visit our FAQ. 

Stainless Steel Jump Rings - Product Description
Our Stainless Steel jump rings are ANNEALED alloy 304. Stainless steel rings are very strong and can give a piece some nice weight, shine and durability. Stainless steel is a very versatile high quality metal. It does not rust and outperforms gold and silver. Our rings are tumbled to a beautiful shiny finish. Stainless steel jump rings are our strongest rings to work with.

Stainless Steel Jump Rings - Specifications
Our jump rings follow the American Wire Gauge (AWG), also known as Brown and Sharpe (B&S). All sizes listed are inside diameter (I.D.) which corresponds to the size of the mandrel onto which the wire is wound. Use these I.D.'s as a guide not an absolute, as springback can occur.

The wire used to make our jump rings is of extremely high quality and made using an IOS-Certified production process. However, like all wire, there may be slight tolerances in size. Wire diameter may vary up to 0.03mm (0.0012”) larger or smaller than the listed size. 

Occasionally you might get a misshapen ring or an end cut half ring. To account for this, we put extra rings in every bag. 

 **Important Notice: Orders with more than 2 packs of an item may be bulk packaged at WGM's discretion. However, sizes will not be mixed in a bag.

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  • Jan


    Jun 18th 2024


  • Val


    Jun 14th 2024

    Exactly what I needed! Amazing service and a wide variety to select from!

  • Susan knight

    Jump rings

    Jan 16th 2024

    Love the quality of stainless steel

  • Denise

    worked great

    Dec 11th 2023

    I just completed a jpl necklace for a young teen. It turned out beautiful. I will try other chain maille weaves using stainless steel rings again. Thank you!

  • Mary Nicholas

    18 AWG Stainless Steel Jump Rings

    Dec 28th 2022

    Beefy, beautiful. Been working with the smaller wire sizes for so long that these were a bit of a surprise. They were all uniform in wire size and ID. The hard tensile strength was pleasing to work with as I tend to tear rings in half when they are of softer wire. Very pleasing rings.

  • Dee

    Great quality!

    Jun 26th 2022

    I will be back for more soon! Thank you!

  • Charles Holsinger

    Jump rings

    Mar 24th 2022

    Excellent product. Works well with Helm weave.

  • Dian Sirkin

    18 AWG stainless steel jump rings

    Jan 31st 2022

    This is my first time working with stainless steel and although I only just started a project with them, I am very pleased. They are not as difficult to open and close as I thought they would be. But I am glad I got the 18 gauge rather than the 16, though.

  • Kevin

    Stainless Steel Jump Rings

    Dec 15th 2021

    The rings are weighed, labeled, packaged, and shipped well. I am so impressed at the clean cut non-burr rings I received. I will be ordering more of these.