20 AWG Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings - Half Ounce

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20g Aluminum (.9mm Wire Diameter)
Inside Diameter Aspect Ratio  Rings Per Half Ounce 
2.5mm   2.87 845
7/64"   788
3mm   3.4 733
  1/8"   733
3.25mm     683
9/64" 4.1 633
5/32" 4.73 558
4.5mm   5.27 495
4.75mm 3/16"   470
5mm   5.99 445


All of our jump rings follow the American Wire Gauge (AWG), also known as Brown and Sharpe (B&S). All sizes listed are inside diameter (I.D.), which corresponds to the size of the mandrel onto which the wire is wound. Use these I.D.'s as a guide not an absolute as springback can occur. We anodize the jump rings before they are cut so the ends are raw aluminum however with the coating thickness we use and with the thin blades we cut our jump rings with, if you close the rings properly the seam can not be seen.

Our Anodized Aluminum is anodized in house at our sister company, Premier Anodizing & Metal Finishing. The anodizing process we use is FDA approved for cookware. Premier Anodizing uses only organic dyes and is rated non-hazardous. This assures that we will never be out of stock of a color and that we have control over our quality.  However, the colors can change from batch to batch. We use a spectrometer to get the closest color matches possible but there still can be some differences, this is normal in the anodizing process. Therefore, you should order enough to complete your entire project. The coating is fairly hard but it can be scratched with steel.


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  • Patrick Tydings

    3.5 ounces total purchased. No color variation at all.

    Oct 8th 2021

    Awesome product. No complaints from me. Will always purchase from Weave Got Maille.

  • Patrick Tydings

    3.5 ounces total purchased. No color variation at all.

    Sep 28th 2021

    Easy to work. Tough finish. Great looking.

  • Melanie

    Jump rings

    Dec 12th 2020

    The rings from here are great. They carry sizes others do not. Their stainless is clean and shiny, no need to tumble it

  • Michele

    Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings

    Sep 1st 2020

    I love the quality and colors available in these rings!

  • Unknown


    Jun 11th 2020

    These rings are beautiful, a great price, and work great for mail.

  • Debra Rodgers

    Great quality. What more can I say

    Sep 20th 2019

    This is a company that has great products and the service... The girls that are there to help with any questions you have are great and will work with you til you understand and find the products you are looking for. You could shop somewhere else, but why.

  • Lawrence Dallas


    Aug 16th 2019

    Beautiful jump rings. I have not had a chance to use these.

  • Kathie

    Great Rings

    Aug 15th 2018

    Color is consistent. Easy to work.

  • Kate Bartel

    High Quality

    Aug 22nd 2016

    Evenly colored and incredibly vibrant. Would definitely recommend