Bright Aluminum Jump Rings 16 gauge AWG = 3/64" (1.2mm) - Metric ID

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Our Bright Aluminum jump rings are alloy 5356. (16 gauge AWG = 1.29 mm)

Our jumprings follow the American Wire Gauge (AWG), also known as Brown and Sharpe (B&S). All sizes listed are inside diameter (I.D.), which corresponds to the size of the mandrel onto which the wire is wound. Use these I.D.'s as a guide not an absolute as springback can occur.

All rings are tumble polished for a bright shiny beautiful jumpring. Occasionally you might get a misshapen ring or an end cut half ring. To account for this, we put extra rings in every bag.

AWG Wire Measurements
Size Inches (Imperial) Millimeter (Metric)
20awg (Aluminum) .035" .9mm
20awg (Other Metals) .032" .8mm
18awg .040" 1.0mm
16awg 3/64" 1.2mm
14awg 1/16" 1.6mm
12awg .079" 2.0mm

If you are used to SWG (Standard Wire Gauge) sizing that some vendors use,

Please contact us for help before choosing your ring gauge.


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  • Kate

    My WGM order

    Sep 24th 2019

    I am very pleased with all of the items I ordered and the quick shipping, but I am even happier with the fantastic service I got via chat with Vicki--so helpful and patient! Thanks!

  • Debra Rodgers

    They were just what I needed to finish a project. The quality is always great and the shipping time is just a few days . Got to love that.

    Sep 20th 2019

    It's weird I always check other chainmaille sites Why I do not know. I always come back to your site for the best deals. Outstanding quality and service that is second to none.

  • Rose Gaither


    Aug 29th 2019

    Great products and great customer service from this company. I highly recommend this company to everyone that weaves

  • Julie

    Beautiful rings, exceptional customer service

    May 22nd 2019

    These were part of a larger order. They’re perfect rings and worked well with the niobium I got. Customer service was amazing. Vicki helped me figure out exactly what I needed for a particular piece and then made sure to ship everything that same day so I could get the rings in time for a rush order. I love this business and will get my rings here in the future.

  • Rachel

    Gorgeous result!

    Dec 8th 2017

    Bright Aluminum is one of my favorite rings to work with, love the look and the price too!

  • Karen

    bright aluminum jump rings

    Oct 1st 2017

    I ordered these for a specific project and couldn't be more pleased. They are easy to open/close, are nice and shiny, and have no burs that need attention. WGM definitely has the best products available.

  • Linda

    Great product

    Sep 14th 2017

    The rings have good clean cuts and great shine! Plus, no need to polish!

  • Melanie

    GREAT Stuff!

    Aug 10th 2017

    These are easy to work with and look awesome! The kid loves her Olympic themed pendant. They shipped fast and were perfect right out of the package. Will order from here again.

  • no-nonsense

    Jewelry quality jump rings

    Apr 13th 2017

    I've bought more JRs than I care to reveal, all from WGM.

    This is an excellent product. It is highly polished, bright, and looks like silver when made in to chain maille (better than silver as it doesn't tarnish).

    The JR ends are usually smooth and not rough edged.
    I have encountered very few misshapen JRs.

    I like that the JRs are provided in metric and English measurements, so you just buy the size you need and create.

    WGM appears to have the largest range of sizes available from my extensive web browsing.

    Price is decent. Which is to say, WGM seems expensive, but on a WEIGHT basis AND not having to worry about tumbling, polishing and deburring, the price is very competitive. Mainly the priciness comes from the number of JRs it takes to complete a project.

    In summary, if you are just starting with chain maille jewelry, the bright aluminum rings are fantastic. They look really good made into a project. Just wish I had more money to buy really large amounts.

    I like that they provide free ship with a minimum. That helps a lot.