Stainless Steel Jump Rings 16 gauge ( AWG - Imperial )

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Stainless Steel Jump Rings 16 gauge ( AWG - Imperial )

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  • Mary Hainey

    Amazing quality!

    Aug 15th 2018

    These rings are just the best. I love the weight of them, and the saw cuts are perfect. Easy enough to work with, while still remaining sturdy.

  • Jj


    Jun 11th 2018

    Initially, I got the wrong size rings. I was used to getting rings where the gauge was SWG and not AWG, but once I figured that out, the products ordered are exactly as described. Each ounce is packaged instead of bulk packaging. They ship quickly and they are just a reliable company to purchase from. I have bought my stainless steel rings here ever since TRL stopped carrying soft tempered steel rings. Thank you for being an alternative vendor!

  • alan gehl

    Exactly as expected!

    Nov 10th 2017

    EXACTLY as expected, and the size is perrrrfect! Quality great, cut on rings is clean with no snaggy ends. Lets me focus on the maille instead of clean up on rings before making product. Thanks!!!

  • AG

    Really nice rings

    Nov 1st 2017

    The rings are very very nice. Consistent in color and very nice finish. Yes, I am digging them. And the saw cut on the rings is clean, no snaggy stuff from an dull cutter.