Stainless Steel Jump Rings 18 gauge ( AWG - Imperial )

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Stainless Steel Jump Rings 18 gauge ( AWG - Imperial )

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  • Helen

    Great quality

    Dec 5th 2018

    First time using Stainless rings. These are great quality & no burrs!

  • Mary Nicholas

    Love stainless steel rings

    Oct 12th 2017

    These rings work well for me.

  • Jacki Flade

    Bright Silver Stainless JR

    Apr 6th 2016

    The jump rings appear to be consistent in size and well finished. The only downfall is that I was hoping they would be brighter in color. The silver is fairly dull. I don't fault the company, however, I have worked with stainless steel before and know that it isn't the same as silver plated or filled and that it is duller-was just hoping it would be different. Received shipment quickly. Would order from this company again.