18 AWG Square Wire Enameled Copper Jump Rings - 1 ounce

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18g Square Enameled Copper
Inside Diameter Approximate
Rings Per Ounce 
4mm 5/32"  195 
4.25mm    189 
4.5mm   180 
4.75mm 3/16"  174 
5.5mm 7/32" 150 
  1/4"  127 
6.5mm   124 
8mm 5/16" 105 

Square Wire Enameled Copper Jump Rings 18 gauge

Get hip to the square! Take a classic weave and square it with our square wire jump rings. Square wire enameled copper jump rings add an additional dimension to chainmaille projects. These rings have bright and shiny edges that really twinkle! The wire itself is square and is wound around the same mandrels we use for round wire jump rings. Square wire does not result in the same aspect ratios as round wire and therefore should not be used in the suggested sizes on our weave chart. A jump ring created from square wire offers a unique look and is especially suited for geometric designs. It is a fun choice for connecting components or attaching pendants, drops and clasps. Add some square wire jump rings to your next project, their scope is endless. 

Here are some of our favorite uses for the square wire sizes we have available:

Byzantine 4mm

Spiral 4.25mm (tightest) - 5mm

Half Persian 6.5mm

4 Reviews Write a review

  • Evelyn Labadie

    Square Wire

    Feb 9th 2024

    I made the Byzantine bracelet with them and found it was easy to make. Everyone loved the results. Would love to see more colors.

  • Meagan Evans

    copper flat rings

    Oct 29th 2022

    these are very cool and unique looking! great for very basic patterns, looks very neat

  • Michelle Lutz

    Different & Appealing

    May 7th 2020

    The 4.5 mm square rings made a very nice spiral bracelet that holds the twist very well. 1 oz. was enough to make two 7" bracelets with a few leftover rings. Recommended for a different look!

  • Stacey Loser

    Love these

    Sep 25th 2018

    When I saw these I was so excited to try them. I was concerned this shape would be hard to work with but they exceeded my expectations and are very easy to use. I wish they weren't quite so expensive though. I can't wait for more colors.