18 gauge 3.5mm(9/64") Jump Ring Treasure Chest - Radiant Palette

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 Nothing shines brighter (or hotter) than the radiance coming from this steal for any beginner or a great addition to any seasoned Chain Mailler's stash! 

Each chest comes with a 1/2 ounce of 8 colors, 8 Anodized Aluminum Treble clasps, 8 Anodized Aluminum S clasps, and 6 beginner tutorials that use this ring size! We even include a bag of Practice Rings! Practice Ring bags contain a half ounce mix of jump rings of many different sizes and metals for you to practice your ring closures on.

Once you've finished your creations you have a nice plastic box to fill up again and again!

Anodized Aluminum Colors included are Violet, Maui Blue, Candy Apple, Raspberry, Pumpkin, Canary, and Sour Apple. Bright Aluminum is also included.

A total retail value of $149.99 all for $97.99 


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