Baby Wubbers Set of 3, with wooden holder

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Sku: SET-B3


 Chose any 3 Baby Wubbers pliers to complete your set!

Your Choices Are:

PLR-1134   Baby Chain Nose Pliers  

PLR-1135   Baby Round Nose Pliers

PLR-1136   Baby Flat Nose Pliers

PLR-1139   Baby Bent Nose Pliers

 Baby Wubbers are hand finished, with softened edges that are silky smooth. The unique Wubbers finish holds tight yet helps protect your metal against marring. There is a fine line between metal jaws with a finish that is matte enough to hold tight, but also smooth enough to help prevent marring. Wubbers are the best in successfully finding that balance.

Wubbers consistently outperform pliers that cost twice as much.

The amazing Wubbers handles won't leave your hands feeling 20 years older. The padded grips provide extra comfort and feel nice in your hands. The smooth-action springs help prevent fatigue.

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  • Sharon Root

    Review for Baby Wubbers Pliers Set

    Jan 12th 2018

    I love these small pliers. They are great for making chainmaille. I had to order new ones because, after a couple months of using them, one of them broke and doesn't spring open anymore. The other one has always clicked when I close it, but is still usable. For the price, I would expect them to last a little longer.