Drawing Inspiration From the Colors of the World (Part Three)

Feb 28th 2020

By now, you’ve probably caught on to the inspiration behind our newest collection, the Byzantine Steps Kits. When I first began designing the Byzantine Steps Kits, I was instantly reminded of the magnificent locations that I’ve visited throughout my life. From China’s stunning red beach to the marble caves of Patagonia; the golden wheat fields of the Midwest to the red and gold tulips of the Kansas City botanical garden; the crystal blue of Switzerland’s Bachalpsee Lake to snowy evenings in a quiet Alpine village; every kit reflects the colors found in some of my favorite places throughout the world.

Continuing this theme that is so near and dear to me, are our new 4-step Byzantine kits. Each color weaves together to represent mother nature’s extraordinary color palette in the world’s most breathtaking places. One glance at this array of colors transports me back to those unforgettable moments and I remember the sights, smells, and sounds associated with each. I hope that wearing a Byzantine Steps bracelet on your arm does the same for you, whether it reminds you of a cherished time or place or inspires your next big adventure.

Ice Caves of Iceland
A special secret awaits you deep underground in Iceland. An icy kingdom dressed all in crystal blues hides in the depths of Europe’s largest glacier—the mighty Vatnajokull. The otherworldly, prismatic blue cave is constantly evolving and changing as the glacier melts and refreezes each year. The Lady in Blue is a vision of grace and breath-taking beauty in more shades of icy blue than you can imagine. Who says that shades of just one color cannot be magical?

The Rainbow Mountains
The Rainbow Mountains of China are found within the Zhangye Danxia Landform Park. These amazing mountains are known for their otherworldly colors. The striking variety of colors appears to be Rainbows laying gracefully on the earth. The spectacular color combinations delight all who see them.

Sea of Tulips
Just when you think you can take no more of winter, Mother Nature pushes tulips of every color and shape to the surface to delight and energize you. Across the Netherlands, where my grandparents are from, locals and visitors alike celebrate the vast sea of colorful tulips that abound across the country. Seeing fields of these flowers sprout throughout my grandparent’s homeland brought back so many wonderful memories, and only made me love tulips more!

Reggae in Kingston
In Kingston, Jamaica, thoughts of Bob Marley and the infectious beat of reggae music are known to bring a smile to the face of many. The kaleidoscope of colors that are so quickly identified with Reggae are sure to put a spring in your step. Don’t worry—be happy!

The spectacular location where the sea meets the Norwegian mainland is a breathtaking place. The strength and safety of the ever-watchful Red Lighthouse of Norway are represented in the colors of this cuff. Ever faithful, ever strong, and forever there for those in need.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about my inspiration behind this heartfelt collection and that you love the Byzantine Steps Kits as much as I do. What color palettes inspire you or take you back to a place or moment in time? I’m looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing those memories immortalized in your own Byzantine Steps.