Happy National Farm Rescuer Day!

Mar 13th 2018

The Weave Got Maille Family gives back to Farm Families with gratitude!

Happy National Farm Rescuer Day! Here at Weave Got Maille chainmaille is only half of what we specialize in. We at Weave Got Maille have a special appreciation and dedication to the Farmers in our community and yours! Nearly half of our employees are either married to a farmer or have a farmer in their immediate family.

Farm Rescue is a unique one-of-a-kind farm aid nonprofit that provides livestock feeding, planting, harvesting and haying assistance free of charge to family farmers and ranchers dealing with a major injury, illness or a natural disaster.

It can be devastating to a family to face an unexpected medical injury, illness or natural disaster. It is even worse for a farming family. Livestock needs to be fed even when a crisis strikes unexpectedly. When the weather is right, crops need to be planted or harvested. Neither livestock nor crops can wait until the farmer is better. A farm family’s livelihood depends on them being able to plant, harvest or feed their stock when the time is right. Farms don’t wait.

Farm Rescue gives families a chance to continue their livelihood by providing the necessary equipment and manpower to continue the farming chores when the farmer cannot, free of charge.

There are 2.2 million farms in the United States and so far Farm Rescue has assisted over 500 of them. That might seem like a drop in the bucket to many, but to the 500 families it meant everything.

Each and every one of us has some part of their life touched by a farmer. From the food you eat, the milk you drink or the cotton for the clothes you wear. Our lives would be drastically different if not for the family farm.

We at Weave Got Maille applaud the family farmers and we want to show our appreciation to them by supporting this one-of-a-kind nonprofit.

March 15 is National Farm Rescuer Day. We feel that these hard working selfless individuals deserve more than one day so we are going to celebrate it from March 15th through Sunday March 18, 2018.

During this time, we are going to offer 10% of precious metals and niobium and 15% off everything else storewide. Even the items in our already marked down sales category are an extra 15% off.

PLUS, each order will be entered into a drawing for over 25 different prizes from $150 store credit to some really cool John Deere hats and toys! And you can win more than once! But only one win per order.

Now, how does that help Farm Rescue you ask? That is the best news. Weave Got Maille will be donating the profit from your orders to Farm Rescue! We also have a button on our website where you can donate to Farm Rescue, also. 100% of all donations go directly to Farm Rescue.

To read more about Farm Rescue please go to their website at or visit their Facebook page at . There you can read letters from the families they have helped and hear more about what you can do to help too.

And as a little extra something for those of you who read this to the end, we are actually starting this special on late afternoon on Wednesday March 14! Watch our website and Facebook page for the announcement!

If you have any questions about this please send an email to us at or use the LiveChat feature on our website.

Thank you for helping the farm families in need. We appreciate you!

Everyone at Weave Got Maille would also like to thank RDO Equipment of Ada, MN for donating some of the prizes we are giving away. RDO has been a great supporter of Farm Rescue and a huge asset to the Ada, MN community. Thanks, RDO!!

The list of prizes are:

  • 1. $150 WGM store credit
  • 2. $100 WGM store credit
  • 3. $75 WGM store credit
  • 4. $50 WGM store credit
  • 5. $50 WGM store credit
  • 6. $25 WGM store credit
  • 7. $25 WGM store credit
  • 8. $25 WGM store credit
  • 9. $25 WGM store credit
  • 10.Set of two WGM chain nose pliers
  • 11.Set of two WGM flat nose pliers
  • 12. RDO baseball hat
  • 13. RDO baseball hat
  • 14. John Deere hat
  • 15. John Deere sun glasses
  • 16. John Deere sun glasses
  • 17. John Deere 1/64 Semi truck with John Deere sprayer farm toy set
  • 18. John Deere Johnny Tractor toy with reading book
  • 19. Craftmates Lockables 3XL 14 compartment storage organizer
  • 20. Craftmates Lockables 3XL 14 compartment storage organizer
  • 21. Craftmates Lockables 2XL 14 compartment storage organizer
  • 22. Padded 6 tool zippered carrying case
  • 23. Padded 6 tool zippered carrying case
  • 24. Padded 6 tool zippered carrying case
  • 25. Padded 6 tool zippered carrying case