Rainbows In The Dark

Posted by Edie Ramstad on May 30th 2019

We have all had the experience of a warm light shower on beautiful summer afternoon, when the birds are singing, the smell of flowers and freshly cut grass waft across the air, and the raindrops are still glistening in the leaves. You look to the now peaceful sky and are treated to the splendor of a magnificent rainbow. You cannot help but appreciate how beautiful it is and how it takes all colors, all types, to create such radiant beauty in our world.

Unfortunately, life is not all warm relaxing summer days. More often than not, life is dark, painful, and full of hurt and sorrow. Yet, even in the dark of night, in the darkest moments of our lives, during the moments when we feel there is no hope, a rainbow will appear. It is the same rainbow of our summer afternoon, but because of the blackness surrounding it, the colors are brighter, the joy is more intense, and the beauty of the rainbow seems to wrap us up in its shimmering colors.

Rainbows in the dark show us clearly how it takes many to create the peace. Rainbows in the blackness illuminate the need for difference in all things. A simple red streak across the sky would cause alarm, not the smiles and sense of peace it provides when combined with the rest of the colors. You need the support and input of people and things that are different than you to create real beauty in your life.

Most importantly, rainbows in the blackness remind us that no matter how dark things are, how scary the storm, the rainbows are still there. And when they appear in the black, they will be more beautiful than you can imagine. Their beauty will take your breath away.

And it is with these thoughts that I am so very happy to introduce to you our  Rainbow Black Collection. The beauty of our regular Rainbow Collection with their amazing colors amplified by the surrounding blackness. 

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Edie Ramstad
Founder of Weave Got Maille