Classic Wubbers Set of 3, with wooden holder

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Sku: SET-C3


Chose any 3 Classic Wubbers pliers to complete your set!

Your Choices Are:

PLR-1234   Classic Chain Nose Pliers

PLR-1235   Classic Round Nose Pliers

PLR-1236   Classic Narrow Flat Nose Pliers

PLR-1237   Classic Medium Flat Nose Pliers

PLR-1238   Classic Wide Flat Nose Pliers

PLR-1239   Classic Bent Nose Pliers

Wubbers laugh in the face of 12-gauge wire. The unique Wubbers finish holds tight without marring your metal. There is a fine line between metal jaws with a finish that is matte enough to hold tight, but also smooth enough to help prevent marring. Wubbers are the best in successfully finding that balance.

You can move from heavy to fine wire with the same pair of Wubbers. You won't feel the need to switch pliers when you move from task to task. The amazing Wubbers handles won't leave your hands feeling 20 years older. The padded grips provide extra comfort and feel nice in your hands. The smooth-action springs help prevent fatigue while the sleek shape of the handles makes them easy to grip.

They measure 6-1/2 inches long. The unique finish holds tight without marring. The long padded handles add extra leverage and control.

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