Dragon Scale Color Sampler Pack

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Introducing our Dragon Scale Color Sample Pack, ideal for artists, designers, and creators who want to explore the full spectrum of Dragon Scale colors without committing to larger quantities. Each color pack will contain 2 of each of the Dragon Scale Anodized Aluminum Colors. 

With an array of 24 vibrant hues to choose from, this sample pack allows you to examine each color up close and personal to make your own colorways. 

In addition to the wide range of colors, our Dragon Scale Color Sample Pack offers the unique advantage of choosing the finish that suits your artistic vision. Select a smooth satin finish or a textured hammered finish to infuse your creations with an extra touch of intrigue.

Whether you're a professional seeking inspiration, or simply an enthusiast wanting to sample our extraordinary Dragon Scale colors, this sample pack is the perfect tool for you. Fuel your creativity, embark on new artistic journeys, and let your imagination take flight with our Dragon Scale Color Sample Pack.

Please note: As with all anodizing processes, colors will come out slightly different with each batch produced. We do strive to keep our colors as close as possible in all batches we anodize.  Please use the Color Sampler Pack as a close guide, not an absolute color match. 


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