Fabulous Chain Mail Jewelry - Creating with Components

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Most chain mail project books focus on long chains of traditional chain mail weaves. In Fabulous Chain Mail Jewelry: Creating with Components, noted designer and teacher Marilyn Gardiner offers a fresh, component-based approach to chain mail jewelry.

Gardiner teaches readers to create short segments of chain ― components ― and then combine these units with bead links and metal connectors. Readers will also learn to build custom shapes, bails, beads, pendants, and tassels to incorporate into their creations.

The 25+ projects in Gardiner's newest book use sterling silver, copper, and some colored rings, all in her signature “office jewelry" style ― jewelry women will feel comfortable wearing in any setting. Gardiner also offers design variations for some projects, allowing readers the freedom to make each piece their own.

The projects include familiar weaves, but the emphasis is on the beautiful jewelry readers can create with short segments of chain mail rather than long chains. The book includes clear, easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of photos that will appeal to beginning jewelry makers. Readers with intermediate or advanced chain mail skills will enjoy using their skills in a new, innovative way.

Author: Marilyn Gardiner
Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Pages: 112

Color photos: 375 

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