Fishhook Earwires, Niobium

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15 pair variety pack = 1 pair of all 15 colors in one bulk package. SAVE 20% when purchasing this pack!

30 pair variety pack = 2 pair of all 15 colors in one bulk package. SAVE 25% when purchasing this pack!

45 pair variety pack = 3 pair of all 15 colors in one bulk package. SAVE 30% when purchasing this pack!

These niobium ear wires are naturally hypo-allergenic, making them especially suited for customers with metal sensitivities. The ear wires feature an open loop that is ideal for attaching chain maille, drops or dangles. 

Anodized Niobium earwires are sold as pairs and made with 20g wire. Size is approximately 21x9mm

Niobium is a reactive metal that takes on a variety of brilliant colors when exposed to various levels of electrical current, allowing you to create a rainbow of colors. 

Oils from the skin can make your Niobium seem dull after frequent wearing. To clean Niobium, rub with a soft cloth sprayed with window cleaner. Rinse and dry your piece completely to bring back the shine. 


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  • cyn

    fishhook niobium earwires

    Jan 16th 2024

    these are ok- colors unfortunately did not match well with the links I had

  • Chelsea

    Beautiful Niobium Earrings

    Sep 7th 2022

    Beautiful earrings, I will definitely be ordering more colors

  • Lynn

    Love these niobium fish hook earring wires. Great quality. Will be ordering these again

    May 31st 2021

    Love this company. They are quick to get your order ready and shipped!

  • India Franklin


    Aug 20th 2020

    I only use niobium hooks because I have sensitive ears. These are perfect! Quick shipping/delivery, reasonable price. I love how vibrant the colors are.

    I have ordered these before - for some reason this batch of hooks are a little bit larger than my previous hooks. Not necessarily a bad thing, just an adjustment. Hopefully they will go back to the original design.

    Overall, I will still be a faithful customer.

  • India


    Dec 19th 2018

    Afrordable pricing and quick shipping - I LOVE the color options! And they're perfect for those with sensitive ears. I use them for all of my custom earring orders.