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Skill Level: Intermediate
Recommended Metal Type: Any
In our Full Persian tutorial you'll learn to use a "handle" to aid in the creation of your chain. Sometimes an additional grip can really help start off a looser chain maille weave the proper way. In this tutorial we teach how rotating a weave can give way to the next jump ring's path. Full Persian is a sleek, satisfying weave to create and works great on its own or incorporated into other jewelry pieces.  

We have kits available that include instructions, rings and findings if you’re looking for everything all-in-one.

Tutorials are downloadable PDF instructions only. No supplies are included. If you would like a kit, which has everything to make the project excluding tools, please visit our Kits section

Tutorials are available as an instant download after purchase in a PDF format. Tutorials are for personal use only and may not be used to teach or resell in any format without written permission.

To Download your tutorial: 
Open your order confirmation email and click on the link to the tutorial. If you placed your order using a store account, you can also access your download from your order history. Once you open this link, be sure to save it somewhere!  Every time you "open" the PDF, it is considered a download. You will only be able to open/download your tutorial 5 times. If you don't have a good place to store it (on a computer or cloud based storage) you can also email the PDF to yourself for safe keeping. 

All rings sizes listed in our tutorials are AWG and Inner Diameter measurements.  No refunds or returns allowed for PDF tutorials. 

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  • Emilynn Wettengel

    Easy to get lost in

    Oct 18th 2021

    My first attempt at the FP I was unable to follow along and comprehend. I am definitely going to give it another shot with this tutorial before trying another.