Helm Bracelet Tutorial PDF

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Skill Level: Beginner
Recommended Metal Type: Any*
All ring sizes listed in our tutorials are AWG and Inner Diameter measurements.

Take the Helm of your chainmaille jewelry designing skills to the next level! This weave has rings that seemingly float throughout the piece. Once you get started we promise you'll see it really is fit for beginners and you can do a lot more with it once this standard chain maille weave is clear as water in the library of your mind. 

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*A few colors of Enameled Copper may not work with the recommended sizes listed in the tutorial. Some colors of enameled wire have more layers added on to them than others, this makes for the slightest hair of thickness added to certain colors.  Red and green are both known to be "fat" colors of enameled copper and may not work with this tutorial. 

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