Jump Ring Tool - Multiple Sizes Available

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Quickly open chainmaille jump rings with this handy jump ring tool. Put the tool on your finger where you feel most comfortable. You can wear it  just like a finger ring (and believe us when we say we've left the house wearing one), or you can wear it on the first joint of your finger if that gives you better leverage. Pick up a jump ring with your pliers and place it half way inside of the opening that best fits the ring. Press the ring forward using either the pliers or tool depending on what works best for you. Using this tool for ring heavy projects can save you lots of time. Proper technique in holding jump rings makes this tool most efficient. We do not recommend the Jump ring Tool for closing jump rings. Tool fits up to a 16g AWG jump ring. Available in sizes: 6, 8.25, and 10.5.

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  • Carol Papworth, MS

    Works great

    Nov 22nd 2020

    I bought 2!

  • Matthew Morris


    Mar 5th 2020

    I love the functionality of the ring, but if you leave it on too long, it stains your finger. There's a distinctive dark ring around my finger that's been there for more than a day now, and washing doesn't change it at all. Not a big deal, and I'm still going to use the ring. But I'd definitely rather not have it stain my skin.

  • Timothy J Fox

    Maille opening/closing things

    Apr 8th 2019

    I'm new to Chain Maille. I'm a Disabled Veteran and these rings are an absolute godsend for me.

  • Taylor Wilkins

    Must-have tool!

    Mar 21st 2019

    If you're planning on making anything with chain mail, this is a simple, yet must-have tool. Opening jump rings has become so much easier since I got this - now I can hold the ring with pliers in one hand, and open it with the ring! Love it. Only complaint, and it's very minor - the jump rings are scratching the surface of this tool. The damage is really only cosmetic, but it is noticeable.

  • Mary Nicholas

    Rings rings

    Oct 12th 2017

    Purchased two of these rings and use them on the stainless steel. They coould have been sanded better to be more comfortable but they work well.