Keeper Storage Container - Small - 9 Compartments

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Don't spill your jump rings! We've all been there. The cat/dog jumps up on your craft table and just like that you've got a chainmaille hodge podge on the ground, on your lap, and probably in places you never knew possible. Lock your rings up safely with Keeper Box storage compartments and organizers. They are the best way to keep your jump rings, beads, and findings organized. Avoid using plastic bags, keep everything safe and locked in these handy containers.

This cute little container has a lid that is designed with a snug fit track that will keep jump rings from spilling into other compartments. The 9 compartments are designed with rounded bottoms which makes it easy to pick out your jump rings.

The boxes are also stackable! They have little feet that fit into little dimples on the lids of the other boxes. A very clever and useful addition. 


Keeper Box - Small

7 3/8" x 5 1/4"

Contains 9 compartments


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  • Rebecca A Young

    Sturdy box

    Mar 8th 2021

    closes securely so nothing can spill out of each compartment.