Lovestruck Catwalk Chain Maille Bracelet Kit By Emily Fiks

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Sku: KIT-A805.02


Fall in love with our Catwalk weave! Lovestruck combines anodized aluminum and bright aluminum for a lovely Valentine's day combination.

Skill Level: Beginner
Finished Bracelet Size: 8.5 inches
Materials Included:
16g Bubblegum and Candy Apple Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings 
16g Bright Aluminum Jump Rings
2 strand slide clasp
Step by Step Color Tutorial
1 paperclip
Bead Mat

Recommended Tools (not included): 2 chain nose or 2 flat nose jewelry pliers


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  • B Bodine

    Nice Fun Kit

    Mar 28th 2021

    Delivery of kit was prompt. The kid was well organized and the instructions fairly easy to follow. I would say to pay very close attention to step five otherwise you will have to go back and fix things. The kit came with more then needed to make the bracelet which made me very happy. I love that I had everything that I needed except the tools. I initially didn't think that the mat matter as I have my own stuff but it was a nice addition.