Marsala Swirls Bracelet Kit by Tanya Hlabse

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Sku: KIT-260.08


A Tanya Hlabse original design

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

Materials Include:

Marsala Anodized Aluminum jump rings

Bright Aluminum jump rings 

Silver Plated Lobster Clasp

Step by Step Color Tutorial 

Chain Maille Work Mat

***PLEASE NOTE: A very small amount of these tutorials were misprinted, if you feel your tutorial has a misprint, please contact us at and we will fix the issue. Steps 1-4 should use 16g 3/16" colored jump rings. We apologize for any inconvenience.*** 

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  • Sarah Harper

    Great kit; both in product and in packaging!

    May 22nd 2017

    This is not only a beautiful project, but the instructions were very clear and I had no problem understanding them. I was also very glad of how many spare jump rings were included. Most kits only come with maybe one or two spare pieces, but mine had at least twenty! This was especially nice because I didn't have to worry about losing any and buying more and etc. Not only is it beautiful, but the whole kit was very well done. (And I loved the cute little castle boxes they came in; I don't even want to throw mine away!)