Practice Rings - 2 ounces

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Practice makes perfect!

Try out a 2 ounce bags of practice rings to learn how to open and close jump rings before you get started on your first masterpiece! Practice rings are also great for having on hand when you just need 1 or 2 rings to finish a project.

The practice rings have a large variety of colors, sizes and metals that are different in each bag. The rings are not "floor sweepings" or bad rings.  

Not available for returns or exchanges.  

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  • Layla Whitt

    Practice rings

    Oct 5th 2023

    This was a good purchase for me as I make jewelry and was look a way to check on a couple of things without a huge investment with not knowing if it would be beneficial for my small business and this allowed me to test not only if this was a product I can easily work with but I got to see in person the quality of colors as well

  • Lori

    Nice mix

    Dec 12th 2022

    This is a great mix of colors, sizes, gauges, and metals. Clean cuts and good quality, so I can use them in my jewelry.

  • Dana

    practice rings

    Apr 29th 2022

    awesome mix of colors, sizes, styles and metals great for me to learn and see what i might want more of to make my own stuff