Ric-Rac Tutorial PDF

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Sku: DLTUT-Ric-Rac


Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Prerequisite: Byzantine - This tutorial requires you already know the Byzantine weave. If needed, we recommend our Byzantine Bracelet tutorial. 
Recommended Metal Types: Aluminum

This downloadable tutorial can be used with any color combination. We have Jitterbug as the main photo on the tutorial once it's downloaded, but you may substitute in any of our 23 Anodized Aluminum or Bright aluminum colors that you wish! This design has only been tested in bright aluminum and anodized aluminum. 

All ring sizes listed in our tutorials are AWG and Inner Diameter measurements.

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  • Deb

    RicRac tutorial-WORTH IT

    Jun 17th 2019

    I have been doing chainmail since 1985. I've been rolling rings since that long too. This design I fell in love with, but was having issues with doing, I will admit. NOW THEN.

    The tutorial is simple, gives you what rings to use (gauge and diameter) so the AR is right. The rest, it is easily laid out and easy to follow. This is NOT for the beginner though. Familiarity with Byzantine is necessary. I am very happy with this purchase as it has allowed me to take some Weave
    Got Maille rings I have and produce this in a color scheme I wanted...

    If you just want to try this pattern, I suggest getting a kit, and you will have a finished piece.
    I am very glad Weave Got Maille have this separate tutorial and more than worth what I paid for it.

  • Linda

    Ric RAC Tutorial

    May 25th 2019

    Very easy to follow!