Solid Color Anodized Aluminum Sheets - 6" x 6"

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Sku: 22-24A66


Our anodized aluminum sheets are available in any of our popular jump ring or aluminum tube colors. These sheets are great for cutting with Lindstrom shears and can be used with punches and dies to create unique custom shapes for jewelry, mobiles, wind chimes, stamping or scrapbooking and so much more.

A mini drill press is ideal for drilling holes in these sheets, but hole-punch pliers made for metal work can also be used. Our versatile Anodized Aluminum Sheets can be diamond, laser or rotary engraved. Vintaj DecoEmboss, DecoEtch and Sizzix dies work wonderfully with the soft aluminum. 

We know that someone out there will come up with an awesome chainmaille design that uses these sheets, and we'd love to see it once you have! We're even dreaming up some anodized aluminum toggles over here.

The sheets are available in 22 gauge or 24 gauge aluminum and 6"x6" (approx. 150 x150 mm) in size. Both sides of the sheets are the same color. The colors of the anodizing can vary from batch to batch so slight difference in color of metal sheets within a color are normal and not a defect for return. We cannot guarantee exact color matches between sheets but we try our best.

Be sure to also look at our engraved aluminum sheets for even more inspirational ideas. The engraved sheets give your metalsmithing, cold connections and custom jewelry unique vibrant color. 

Please use caution when cutting any metal sheets. Remember to remove the protective film before use. 

Our sheets may have sharp edges, please keep away from children. 



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  • Susanne W Straussner


    Mar 20th 2023

    Most of the colors were true but the Marmalade wasn't....easy to use and does not scratch easily. I really liked them.