Sterling Silver 6 Strand Tube Clasp

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Sku: TUBSS-6-36.1


This sterling silver tube slide clasp accommodates six strands and is easy to open and close and has a tight, strong fit that is ideal for holding heavy or multiple necklace or bracelet strands securely. This clasp features has a wide gap between strands, allowing room for larger beads. To use tie or crimp strands onto the attached rings. A slide, or slide tube, clasp is ideal for multi-strand necklaces and bead strands. This style is available configured to hold two to ten or more strands. Because the two tube parts slide together longwise, but lie sideways on the wearer, the weight of the necklace provides the tension that helps keep the clasp securely closed. In addition, because it lies sideways, it helps keep the strands separated for a beautiful—and untangled—presentation.

Size: 36.1mm x 10.5mm 

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