Tool Magic

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Tool Magic - 2 Fl oz.  100 applications per jar.

Prevents tools from marring or scratching wire designs.  Tool Magic is non-permanent and easily removable. Just dip the tips of your pliers in Tool Magic and they are smooth and soft.  Tool Magic also ensures a firm grip.  Tool Magic won't leave any residue when removed or damage your tools in any way.

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  • William McCaig

    Essential Product

    Jan 26th 2024

    I highly recommend if you are working with any sort of enameled rings or precious metals that you get a jar of this. Works very well, improves grip and protects your rings from scratches.

  • cyn

    tool magic

    Jan 16th 2024

    great product

  • Cara McClure

    great stuff

    Feb 25th 2021

    highly recommended

  • Lawrence Dallas

    Tool Magic

    Jul 29th 2019

    Works great

  • Tor JK

    Absolutely gripping!

    Oct 24th 2018

    This great goo gives your pliers so much dexterity! It's mildly tacky when dry so you shan't be dropping your rings as much while working. The main thing concerning me was the thickness of the coating when freshly applied, but it does dry down to quite a thin layer over the pliers' tips. Fantastic stuff.

  • Kelly


    Mar 17th 2018

    I got these on a whim when I ordered my first kit and they have been fantastic. I would recommend that you apply an initial coating along the length of your pliers and, once that's set, apply a second coating on the tip of your pliers. This will keep the coating from chipping as easily.

  • Penny Illemszky


    Jul 5th 2017

    Protects my pliers from damaging my rings. prior to its use I wasted rings by marring them with my pliers.