Weave Got Maille Flat Nose Pliers - Single

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Sku: PLR-259.10


Weave Got Maille Flat Nose Plier(1). Custom made for chainmaille, Flat nose pliers come with a nice snub nose to make it easier to see the Jumprings. The pliers are hand finished for nice smooth face that will reduce mars and chips. The handles have a comfortable padded grip. Flat Nose pliers are perfect for working with larger jumprings or harder metals such as stainless steel. Light in the hand, they are a joy to use. Overall length is 5”.

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  • Bonnie Meyers

    Weave Got Maille Flat Nose Pliers - Single

    Oct 8th 2020

    These pliers when coated with Tool Magic are perfect to use on jump ring projects

  • stephen farda

    Flat nose pliers set

    Apr 4th 2019

    I use stainless steel rings 99% of the time. I made a mistake by using these on 16 gauge stainless, which marred the jaws. Now I have problems with them gripping my 20 gauge rings. Had I known they would not work well for larger, harder metals, I would have stuck to smaller gauge rings. The other issue is that the handles are small, I had to add rubber grips to them to make it easier to hold them in my hands and get a better grip. The design is great for smaller gauges of softer metals. Smaller hands would probably not need to add larger grips. I do like the narrow jaws for smaller work!