Weave Got Maille Flat Nose Pliers - Single

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Weave Got Maille Flat Nose Plier(1). Custom made for chainmaille, Flat nose pliers come with a nice snub nose to make it easier to see the Jumprings. The pliers are hand finished for nice smooth face that will reduce mars and chips. The handles have a comfortable padded grip. Flat Nose pliers are perfect for working with larger jumprings or harder metals such as stainless steel. Light in the hand, they are a joy to use. Overall length is 5”.

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  • Laura La Cagnina

    Amazing tool

    Jun 11th 2024

    This tool is taking my jump ring technique to a new level. Thank you.

  • Samantha Hails

    Flat nose pliers

    Jul 15th 2023

    Some how I misplaced my first pair wich I really liked that were bought from here.. hopefully I will not loose these ... They are my favorite pairs for doing chainmail

  • Kurt Reichert

    mail flat nose pliers

    Jul 16th 2022

    They work very well.

  • Amazing!

    Flat nose pliers

    Nov 8th 2021

    Paired with tool magic dip, they are absolutely perfect.

  • Luis

    Flat Nose Pliers

    Jun 30th 2021

    I was on the fence about buying a specialiced pair of pliers, I thought that they wouldnt be such a difference than some cheap needle nose pliers.
    I WAS WRONG! The build quality is superb and they are so thin at the edge that it makes manouvering small jump rings much easier. The large flat top also made medium size rings easier to hold and the leaf springs are much softer so there is less strain in my hand while holding rings.
    I would buy again.

  • Bonnie Meyers

    Weave Got Maille Flat Nose Pliers - Single

    Oct 8th 2020

    These pliers when coated with Tool Magic are perfect to use on jump ring projects

  • stephen farda

    Flat nose pliers set

    Apr 4th 2019

    I use stainless steel rings 99% of the time. I made a mistake by using these on 16 gauge stainless, which marred the jaws. Now I have problems with them gripping my 20 gauge rings. Had I known they would not work well for larger, harder metals, I would have stuck to smaller gauge rings. The other issue is that the handles are small, I had to add rubber grips to them to make it easier to hold them in my hands and get a better grip. The design is great for smaller gauges of softer metals. Smaller hands would probably not need to add larger grips. I do like the narrow jaws for smaller work!