Team Colors - Baseball

Mar 4th 2019

Spring Training is in full swing, and Opening Day is right around the corner. That means we'll be showing up at the ballpark to watch America's pastime before we know it. What better way to make an impression at the diamond than wearing some custom chainmaille jewelry in your favorite team's colors?

Weave decided to make that easier for you this season by making a handy chart showing the colors of our Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings that best match each team's colors. You just need to pick out a weave (don't forget to grab a Tutorial if you don't have one), grab the right rings, and get to work making some custom jewelry to show everyone what a super-fan you are.

For fans of other sports, make sure to check out our football and hockey Team Colors guides as well.

We'd love to see what you make with our jump rings to support your favorite team, so make sure to tag us on social media whenever you post photos to FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.