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Team Colors - Baseball

Mar 4th 2019

Spring Training is in full swing, and Opening Day is right around the corner. That means we'll be showing up at the ballpark to watch America's pastime before we know it. What better way to make an im … read more

Happy National Farm Rescuer Day!

Mar 13th 2018

The Weave Got Maille Family gives back to Farm Families with gratitude!Happy National Farm Rescuer Day! Here at Weave Got Maille chainmaille is only half of what we specialize in. We at Weave Got Mai … read more

Team Colors - Football

Sep 5th 2017

Summer is over and football season is here. The players have been practicing all summer, and now it's time for them to start playing real games. As fans, we need get ourselves in "game shape" as we … read more
NuGold - To Shine Or Not To Shine?

NuGold - To Shine Or Not To Shine?

Posted by Edie on Apr 27th 2017

NuGold, also known as Jeweler’s Brass, Red Brass or Merlin’s Gold, is a great color match to 14K yellow gold. It is a beautiful color with a nice weight to it.NuGold is an alloy of copper and zinc a … read more
Weave Got Maille & We Need Designers!

Weave Got Maille & We Need Designers!

Feb 3rd 2017

Ever dream of having your name on one of our castle boxes? Now is your chance!1. We're looking for original designs as well as chainmaille hybrid designs in the form of full tutorials. Your design doe … read more